Practical Psychology of Human Conformity.

People are stubborn creatures. They are always confident that they know everything better than others. But sometimes, something happens that is beyond their control. Serious illness, death, war, natural disaster, or technical progress.

The NFT phenomenon refers to the last point. Because, firstly, this is a positive phenomenon. Secondly, it is definitely a technical novelty that opens the doors to a brave new world for all of us.

True, to appreciate its charm, a person needs to go through 5 stages of accepting the inevitable.

  1. Denial

What a scam? Half a million bucks for a LeBron James slam dunk video, $3 million for the first tweet? Why the hell would anyone pay for something that everyone can see on the web? There is not a damn thing exclusive here. Everything is open source. That means it’s not worth anything. In fact, all this is a bubble. Look at bitcoin. Everyone in the world still pays for everything with dollars. Looks like an ordinary pyramid scheme for suckers.

Just look at this! Someone, please pinch me. I am asleep. In real life, there are no such fairytales.

2. Anger

Are you serious? Did the guys burn the Banksy painting to keep it purely digital? Barbarians! It was real art. Now what? Burn the White House or demolish the monument to General Lee? To convert everything into these disgusting tokens?

We must stop reading the news. Previously, the media had regular topics: war, the royal family, Formula 1, the ups and downs of Wall Street, astronauts. If you open any news site now, it is all about someone from the Kardashian family or these NFT tokens. The world has gone mad. I don’t want to live like this anymore. Poor parents. All their life, they worked tirelessly just to see such degradation of society.

3. Bargain

So, then these guys drew ugly pixelated portraits, called them punks, and now they are selling for tens of millions of dollars? Perhaps I can too. I’ll quit my job, learn pixel art, make a lot of money on suckers, and buy a mansion in the Valley and a Lamborghini. We must use the opportunity.

Of course, I still think that this is a bubble and will burst very soon, but I’ll make a quick buck until that happens. F–k you boss and keep your unemployment benefits. I am now an NFT artist and I paint pixelated capybaras!

4. Depression

A month has passed, and I still haven’t sold any pixel capybara. These idiots are ready to invest millions in freaks of crypto-banks, but they ignore my art! Think about it, you fools. Soon my tokens will grow in value 10 times, and you will bite your elbows that you missed such an opportunity.

In vain, I refused the unemployment benefits. Now it would be very useful. Soon there will be no money to pay for housing, food, and most importantly, alcohol. I can’t endure this stress sober. I understand Van Gogh now. He was also not appreciated during his lifetime. Maybe after my death, my NFTs will cost more than Beeple’s?

5. Acceptance

Guys, my sales have started! No, digital capybaras are still not 1 ETH apiece. But I met a girl from Bangladesh on Reddit, and now we are doing 3D art with Buddha. It turned out very well. We sell them cheaply, but then we can make good money on resale. My new friends from the NFT-community suggested this approach.

They are great guys, by the way, as well as the community itself. At first, I thought that only idiots were there. It turns out that they are the architects of a new industry. I am one of the many ants in this NFT nest. I am sure we will transform it into a large, thriving industry for all our brothers and sisters in the future. Peace to everyone and NFTs!

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