quite powerfully broke into the top informational charts. The exchange sponsored the stables of F1 – Aston Martin Cognizant, the mixed martial arts promotion – UFC, the main soccer tournament in South America – Copa Libertadores and even invaded the holy of holies – the Staples Center in LA is now called the Crypto Com Arena. And this means that even LeBron f*cking James is now in their reach!

No wonder the guys decided to get into the NFT industry. They made an NFT marketplace on the exchange. They first sold their Loaded Lions collection there since the Lion is the animal from the logo. It includes 10,000 generative art, each of which, at the time of release, costs $200. They were snapped up almost instantly. Some are now demanding millions of dollars for them.

5 stages of NFT acceptance

But there is one “but” in this grand story. 10,000 arts for 200 bucks, great demand – doesn’t it remind you of anything? What if the collection creators asked lion buyers to put their NFTs on their Twitter avatars and promised to give them $100,000 worth of exchange tokens?

Think about it for a second. NTF with animals, Twitter avatars, Stef Curry. Exactly! copied one for one Bored Ape Yacht Club concept. This, in our opinion, is just cheating. Why not invent something new? Or when you have tens of millions to spend on marketing, why not get some creative people on board? You can easily get them from Reddit. Every day, new great concepts can be seen over there.

Moral: Expensive NFTs don’t mean cool NFTs. And the boring monkeys confidently survived in this war, the war that never started.

Hype: 5
Originality: 1
Application: 4
Community: 5
Potential: 3
Overall rating: 3.6 / 5

Cubed Creatures review

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