Remember, in Fight Club, there was a scene in which Big Bob with female boobs died on a mission? Then the frustrated protagonist said that he was not a member of the “Matter” project and not Big Bob. And his name is Robert Paulson. The rest of the organization picked up on this and began chanting “his name is Robert Paulson” at the funeral. By the way, the famous musician of the past who played Bob – Meat Loaf recently died. It’s sad, but we’re not talking about that now.

Pseudonyms are an integral part of Web3, a general term representing a decentralized, user-owned Internet with cryptocurrency payments and NFTs at its core. Web3 proponents see this as a chance to cure some of the ills of Web2’s toxic social platforms, where people left and right are shaming, hating, and canceling each other out for everything.

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But the first wall of Web3 has fallen. Through the efforts of BuzzFeed journalist Kate Notopoulos, the whole world now knows the names of the creators of Bored Ape Yacht Club – Greg Solano and Wylie Aronow. In the publication, this mini-investigation was explained by the right of investors to know the true individuals to whom they bring money.

But this did not save the editors and the journalist from criticism. Firstly, the guys did not turn out to be some kind of mafia or grandiose tinder scammers, but literary critics, one of whom wrote a book about World of Warcraft, the other was engaged in translations of classics. Secondly, there were recent talks that Andreessen Horowitz’s venture funds are planning to buy out BAYC for an astonishing $5 billion. In such a scenario, Solano and Aronov will either be forced to hide or hire an army of bodyguards.

What do you think about this?

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