Xolos, aka hairless Mexican dogs known for their violent temper. No wonder they were named after the Aztec god Xolotl, who, in their mythology, was responsible for thunder and death. Which, in general, is the same for people who were completely and utterly dependent on agrarian successes. A thunderstorm has destroyed the maize crop – well, someone will have to die. Xolos was the twin brother of the supreme god of the ancestors of modern Mexicans – Quetzalcoatl, but unlike him, he had the head of a dog, not a lizard.

Why talk about all this boring historical stuff? Because the new NFT project CryproXolos was inspired by Aztec mythology in general and bald dogs in particular. This is even written in the first lines on their website.

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So what is Crypto Xolos? They are 10,000 generative art with dogs, each unique as they differ in some attributes – hairstyle, necklace, headdress, etc. Tokens are made on Immutable X, i.e., Ethereum L2 Layer, with minimal gas fees and carbon emissions.

The elements of the art were drawn by the artist Diego DC. Until November 17th they can be bought with a 50% discount. True, there is a possibility that only a few will take advantage of this opportunity. The guys’ social networks are too weak.

But their plans are just like those of Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos combined. With the money raised from the token sale, they want to create a Metaverse, a P2E game, their own utility token, $CACAO, a new NFT collection “Baby Xolos,” and even donate to a charity fund to save the population of Mexican hairless dogs.

Considering that the current NFT market is 10% idea, 90% marketing, the success of Crypto Xolos is hard to believe. But let’s hope that the guys will succeed. How can you not love dogs and Mexico?

Hype: 4
Originality: 5
Application: 5
Community: 1
Potential: 2
Overall rating: 3.4 / 5

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