Netflix has a solid documentary series called “The Movies That Made Us.” Among other things, they talk about the creation of “Halloween,” “Friday the 13th,” and “Nightmare on Elm Street.”

What do these iconic slashers have in common, besides games like Freddy vs. Jason? The fact that their creators had no money. They describe how they borrowed money from gangsters, fought with distributors, looked for pumpkins in the summer in California, and did other funny things. In general, it was not easy, and none of them planned the following success.

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The guys from the new NFT project Cubed Creatures apparently subscribed to Netflix, watched the documentary and decided to make history. Without money, of course. On their website, although they claim that they live only 5 minutes from Hollywood and can easily negotiate with Netflix, Disney, Amazon, and Hulu, this story smells like a 70s-style legend. Do we all understand that this is not how it works now?

The guys want to raise funds to create films and comics by selling NFTs with 3D monsters. They look really cool, but two things are confusing. First, one token costs 0.5 ETH, that is, A LOT. Secondly – no new monsters were invented. The man-eating bear, the hellhounds, the Cerberus – we’ve all seen them before. We all want something new. Mike Myers, Freddy Krueger, and Jason Voorhees were invented from scratch. In this case, it is also necessary.

The idea itself is cool. But it still needs work.

Hype: 2
Originality: 0
Application: 5
Community: 0
Potential: 2
Overall rating: 1.8 / 5

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