His highness Michael Jordan founded a holding company called Heir Inc. According to the project’s official website, it “is intended to usher in a new era of digital culture and should become a bridge between athletes, musicians and other creators with their fans around the world.”

In simple terms, it will be a marketplace where celebrities can create their own NFTs and sell them to fans. For example, Robbie Williams is now singing a song in bed and recording stories on Instagram, getting profit only in the form of likes. Now he can upload this video to Heir in a couple of clicks, make an NFT, sell and earn himself a pint of beer and some new bedsheets.

NFT with whiskey for $137,700

Potentially a pretty good project. Michal Jordan has already raised $ 10 million in investment from Bulls advocate Lonzo Ball and Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian. Technically, the platform will run on the Solana blockchain.

There is a suspicion that Lonzo Ball, who is simply adored by the buzzers, and Michael Jordan himself, who is loved by everyone except Scotty Pippen, will become the first stars to sell their NFTs on Heir. Serena Williams, the famous tennis player and wife of the same Ohanyan will diversify the men’s team. An excellent superstar project that can fly very high.

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