A working platform for crypto traders’ tournaments sells tokens with a 55% APY

Once my friend and I watched basketball. It was the Raptors’ NBA final against the Warriors. The former were underdogs but with the great Kawaii on the court. The latter were favorites but lost due to Durant and Thompson injuries. As a result, the team from Canada became the best on the continent for the first time in history. A wise man remarked afterward: “that’s why I love sports. It’s a pity, but my children are unlikely to witness this when they grow up. All their attention will be focused on the two e-sport athletes who will play to the death for the NBA championship on consoles. “

And you know, I wouldn’t be surprised if he turns out to be right in the end. Computer games have always been excellent. They helped us cope with stress, protected us from depression, developed reaction and logical thinking. Now they have entirely evolved to bring money to players. TOP athletes in Dota2, Fortnite, and CSGO are millionaires. And Filipinos, young and old, play Axie Infinity because it is easier for them to make real money there than in the real world.

The creators of the LOT.TRADE project also gives players money. Their target audience is crypto traders, of which there are about 80 million people in the world. The idea is simple – when you trade on Binance or another integrated exchange, you don’t compete with anyone. You just try to make money, find worthy coins before others. But if you connect via API to LOT.TRADE, choose a tournament or several to compete in. Your success on the exchange will be displayed on the platform in real-time, among other participants. Here you can earn both on simple participation and earn prize money. All this while literally making a name for yourself, attracting customers, and managing their investments. If you were looking for someone to manage your investments, how can you not trust your funds with the most profitable trader of the year?

LOT.TRADE is a working product. Some tournaments are live right now. Monetization occurs at the expense of user commission and sponsorship contributions (if you want to promote your brand among cryptans, then this is the place for you). In addition to a bunch of different functionalities, the creators released NFTs. What is their value?

  • The reward for staking the LOTT token increases to 55% APY
  • 10% of all prize funds will be distributed among all NFT holders
  • The higher the class of the token (there are four of them), the more awesome tournaments is available to their owner

Initially, all NFTs are sold wrapped. The longer you keep them in this form, the more benefits you get.

Tokens are expensive. Starting from $75 to $8000 apiece. Although, you can still buy them at a discount. People once said that 200 bucks for the Bored Ape Yacht Club were expensive, and then their owners made 100 or more X’s on resale. It is essential to understand that the more people use the LOT.TRADE platform, the more attractive their tokens will be for investments. After all, the holders will get more profit from the prize money. Currently, one tournament gathers more than 1500 traders on average, and the company is only at the beginning of a long journey. Therefore, everything can happen.

For the NFT mafia, the first thing that matters is the product or its potential. LOT.TRADE has both, and it is good.

Hype: 3
Originality: 5
Application: 5
Community: 5
Potential: 5
Overall rating: 4.6 / 5

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