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Hello, mafiosos! Yes, if you are reading this, then you are nothing other than an NFT mafioso. The mafia operates when the city is asleep. So does the NFT community. We are all here because we are not satisfied with the current state of things.

We don’t like the traditional model of the financial system. We don’t like banks, the condescending attitude of clerks in suits towards us. We don’t like inflation. These prices are constantly rising and devouring our income. Finally, we don’t like the art and gaming industries as they exist today. It is almost impossible to break into this business without connections.

No, we are not communists or anarchists. We in no way urge you to pick up a pitchfork and go rob the palaces. On the contrary, we are for commerce. A type of commerce in which each of us has more chances to succeed.

That is why the NFT mafia was created. To help make NFTs a level playing field where anyone can succeed.

Who is it for?

For artists. While guys like Damien Hirst are laying off hundreds of employees, having received COVID benefits from the government, thousands of people are no less talented than him and with a more sympathetic heart. NFTs are a great way to make yourself known. And we want to help.

For game developers. Sony and Microsoft have long been at war with their bottomless wallets and buying game publishers like Bethesda. It is difficult to get into this business without several billion dollars. War and clannishness are always limitations for the end-user. Therefore, blockchain games are a way to return the industry to that iconic time when it all began. And NFT is an excellent opportunity for independent game developers to raise initial funding for games. And we will help them with this, too.

For traders. As much as some of us oppose this, NFT is a speculative market. This is absolutely normal in any industry. If you don’t believe me, ask Musk when Tesla will start paying dividends to shareholders – in 20 or 30 years? Traders are guys who work to benefit the NFT community, even if they are driven only by mercantile concerns. For traders, we will publish insights about new projects that have potential.

We promise:

  • Make extremely useful content.
  • To not manipulate the opinion of readers.
  • Publish only verified information.
  • Label Promotional Materials.
  • Treat all blockchains, marketplaces, and projects objectively.
  • Arrange social media promotions for readers.
  • Listen to criticism.
  • Constantly strive to become better.

In NFT, we trust!

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