A new project has been uploaded to OpenSea – NBA Shoes Art. The creators obviously love NBA and sneakers. We love them too, so we immediately fell in love with the concept. And the idea is straightforward but at the same time sophisticated. The art depicts the old stars of the most popular sports league in the world. Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Karl Malone, and the sneakers they promoted. Excellent, nice, stylish.

Nevertheless, we will not buy this collection, and we do not advise you to. Why? It’s simple – the guys did not ask the players for their permission, which is a big NO-NO. Actually, one of the very first high-profile NFT projects is connected with the NBA. NBA Top Shots offers to buy memorable moments of games from different seasons. But this startup made a preliminary agreement with the league and the basketball players. They shared the proceeds with LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, etc.

If Larry Bird wants to release NFTs, he will find the right guys for this. It’s the same story with David Robinson and Jason Kidd. You can’t use their art for commercial purposes, like real sneaker models. Recently, other clever guys were doing the same nonsense. On the other hand, it’s also brilliant: take the original sneakers of Virgil Abloh and Nike, then do an NFT with them. What the f–k is this?

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Friends, remember, we are creating a Brave New World. The word “New” here means fantasy, creativity, benefit. But not simple copy-paste. Now you all have the opportunity to become part of something great. Take advantage of it, don’t be stupid thieves. You can’t achieve success this way.

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