Creating NFTs on the Solana blockchain is a new trend. A token with a crowned skeleton was recently sold for $ 2 million. And the Solona blockchain is praised by many. In short, those who can’t find their spot on OpenSea and AtomicHub go with their collections to the Solana Marketplace. We will make a long read on this topic at some point.

In the meantime, we present a new project, Pirates of Solana. The creators make 7777 3D art with pirates. Naturally, they are all generative. Try to do it all manually. Try to feel like Stan Lee. Stan hardly inspires the guys at Pirates of Solana. Instead, they love Gore Verbinski and his Pirates of the Caribbean, which has become one of the most lucrative franchises in the film industry.

The creators of Pirates of Solana also want to make an ultra-profitable P2E game on proof-of-stake, with ships, battles, parrots, rum, and other lovely things. They position themselves quite decently on Twitter, conduct giveaways, and advertise with bloggers. In short, they do something to succeed, as did Captain Jack Sparrow in the fight for the Black Pearl.

But one thing casts a shadow over the whole project—the presence of CoinPirates. CoinPirates also have a successful token. Game mechanics are already in development, and the community is playing their mini-game. It is clear that the more cool pirate games out there – the better. But so far, it looks like a tracing paper for an already existing successful project with a desire to hit the jackpot and dump quickly. Hopefully, we are wrong. 

Moreover, when writing this research, the Solan pirates took a picture from the AtomicHub pirates and used it in their roadmap. The owners of the original immediately confronted them and started firing from all guns on Twitter. The rival could not resist, apologized, explained that the contractors-designers, who probably walked the plank to feed the sharks, were to blame for everything.

Hype: 4
Originality: 1
Application: 5
Community: 4
Potential: 3
Overall rating: 3.4 / 5

Sharks in the unicorn world. OpenSea Marketplace Review.

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