Hype: 5
Originality: 3
Application: 4
Community: 5
Potential: 4

Overall rating: 4.2 / 5

What do we usually expect in October? That’s right! Orange laces, candy, slashers, and the best party of the year. After all, Halloween is f–king cool.

The fact that Pumpkin Hedz is releasing in October is brilliant. They need to be given a Nobel Prize in Marketing. Unfortunately, there is no such thing. However, they do have patience. We can only imagine how tempting it was to grab the cash and leave into the sunset early, but they are waiting till October. 

The NFT will be released on October 10th. Just in time for NTF mafiosos to buy gifts for themselves and their loved ones. That way, everybody can spend Halloween giving out candy and putting their honestly earned art on their avatars.

In theory, there should be many buyers. These guys have more than 2200 followers on Twitter and 1196 on Discord. Hence, they will definitely get some sales.

In terms of originality, the project is not top-notch. There were already Pixel pumpkins and some other poor pumpkin sets, but neither of them blew up. Perhaps they should have released them in mystical October instead of the usual money season.

There are also questions about the potential of this project. The guys excellently illustrate their roadmap. However, all of it is still questionable since the project still does not have a website. An excuse such as we have no money for the website, but we will do it from NFT sales won’t cut it. Cash is not always the key to success, especially in game development.

Still, we will be glad to be wrong. So far, everything looks promising.

UPD: Their website is now live: https://pumpkinhedz.com/
It is a promising project for the NFT-community. Happy Pumpkin Hunting 🎃

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