Snoop Dogg is one unique character. If he wasn’t one, we would have to come up with one. In 1995, his rash onstage action escalated into the Coastal War, in which Tupac and Biggie were killed. But Calvin himself did not suffer at all and then made friends, probably, with all the United States residents who can rhyme Christopher Walken with Non-Fungible Token. Snoop also gets wasted at the end of every NBA Final. After all, his favorite team will definitely win – he supports them all.

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The musician is also good at commerce. His fortune is estimated at more than $150 million. To which he decided to add more money using NFT. In the first week of December, Snoop collaborated with digital artist Coldy and released an animated collage of ten different portraits of the rapper at different stages of his life. In the background are NFT-themed songs that Snoop Dogg himself recorded behind a blunt. Someone paid 169 ETH for this piece.

But that’s not all. Fans bought three plots of digital land adjacent to Snoop’s play space in the Sandbox metaverse for $1.23 million. You can say what you want about him, but this guy is brilliant. Cheers to him.

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