Lee Jae Myung, one of the top candidates in the South Korean presidential election in 2022, decided to play the squid game. Oh, sorry, we meant the NFT game.

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The politician plans to raise money for the election campaign by selling tokens. But this is not the primary goal. The main thing is to attract young voters to the elections, who in Korea, like in most other countries, do not like this business very much.

“Since the younger generation in their 20s and 30s is interested in new technologies, including virtual assets, NFTs, and the metaverse, they might like this type of fundraising,” said Kim Nam Cook, a spokesman for Lee’s campaign.

Democratic Party – Lee Jae Meng’s Party will be releasing an NFT featuring a squid. Oh, sorry, of course, Lee himself, as well as specific campaign promises to those who donate to his campaign. It will probably promise cheap healthcare for the cheapest tokens and tax incentives for the most expensive.

We are joking, not because we think it’s a stupid idea. On the contrary, an excellent precedent that will attract crypto enthusiasts from all over Korea to the candidate’s side.

“It’s time to conduct innovative experiments to better understand these technologies of the future and change the perception of digital currencies and NFTs,” summed up Lee himself. The elections are scheduled for March.

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