Greedy artists interfere with each other instead of helping.

For several years now, we have been living in inertia. We get married, get divorced, get sick, travel, take our children to school, scream when there is a rise or fall in the bitcoin rate. However, with all this diversity of life, we are still sad. The reason is the blade of Jon Snow, which pierced the heart of Daenerys Targaryen and left us without the best series in history.

The creators of GoT are filming prequels to the great war in the seven kingdoms right now. And we just have to wait for the release and watch how Game of Thrones found its continuation in the NFT culture. Because the current situation cannot be called otherwise than a blockchain war.

What happened?

There was a lot of work once we posted information about our collection of assets from in subreddits and telegram groups. There was no time to pay attention to all the rules in these communities.

But, as you know, ignorance of the laws does not exempt you from responsibility. So we received a decent kick to our backside. They were arguing as to why the hell we are trying to get people to buy our wax assets when they are buying or selling NFTs on Ethereum, Cardano, or Binance blockchains?

That’s when we realized that the NFT industry grew out of short pants and became a robust industry with its clans, corporations, leaders, and followers.

What does this mean?

NFT enthusiasts are divided into blockchains and marketplaces. Hanging out on the marketplaces of one blockchain is more convenient than starting wallets, registering, and simultaneously monitoring the events on Atomic Hub and OpenSea. It is a challenging task for one person whose life does not consist of speculations on NFTs.

For a creator, this is downright horror. Imagine: you created a collection, chose a blockchain and a marketplace. How will you look for clients? That’s right: via Reddit, Facebook, Telegram, Twitter, and Discord. Not spamming everywhere just by carefully finding relevant places to spread the word.

Now imagine your emotions when you spent a lot of time on research, found a cozy subreddit of your marketplace, and made a beautiful post. Then some barbarians come running after your post and start spamming info about tokens from a completely different blockchain. Subreddit subscribers won’t care about these tokens, but they might not see your post because of them. You remain invisible, give up and die of starvation. FIN.

How can this be fixed?

Creators and info-gypsies who promise to promote a project for 200 USD need to learn blockchain literacy. Fiercely spamming on all platforms about crypto and NFT is not the way. By doing this, you break the path to the stars for yourself and your colleagues. Besides, more than enough people in the crypto movement consider NFTs a grand scam – just like traditional (stock) investors treat bitcoin.

Before launching a project, you need to find a niche place for promotion. The NFT sales funnel is very deep, and it goes something like this: Cryptocurrency ➡️ NFT ➡️ Art ➡️ Ethereum ➡️ OpenSea. Spending a lot of money on gas when generating NFT assets and only afterward looking for promotion channels is a stupid idea.

And, probably, it would be nice to be more tolerant of each other’s creations. Regardless of the blockchain and the marketplace, we are humble builders of the future. We are like pilgrims from the Mayflower but in 2021. Therefore, we must support each other. Magic kicks in the backside are also needed (there is no progress without failure). It is also good to write out a long post with helpful advice and share your experience.

What will happen in the end?

Since the battle of blockchains takes place more out of ignorance than out of evil, hearts will not be pierced with daggers here. Well, maybe by soulless corporations and snobbish artists from the “high society.” The expansion of the community and mutual assistance without blaming one another will make blockchain games the kind that AAA studios will envy. And someone’s unlucky neighbor with a childhood disability will one day be able to sell a painting for more money than Dali’s art and buy their mom a big house.

There are a lot of opportunities here. To notice them, you just need to open your heart and mind.

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