The squid game is boring to the core. At first, this whole movement seemed cool, but when it does not calm down a month after the release of the series, you want to puke. It’s like listening to the latest information from your parents about Britney Spears or an interesting fact about “Santa Barbara.” Worst of all, the hysteria surrounding Netflix’s South Korean drama is leading to scams that are mushrooming right now.

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First, some guys created a utility token Squid, with which you could participate in the online version of the Squid Game. The game did not actually exist. The demand for the token was growing at an astronomical rate. The buyers were not even upset that they could not sell it. They just carried the money into a closed box! How so? In general, at first, the scammers received 2.1 million dollars. Then the media spread the news that it was a scam and there was no need to invest there. Everything seemed to have calmed down. But then people started buying it again!

As for the NFTs, there are, of course, Squid Game imitators here too. For example, the so-called “The Debt Game.” The guys tell us that they make 4560 unique tokens on Polygon. They are needed to develop a game that (attention!) will be worked on by as many as three people from the blockchain maiden, the design director, and the community manager. EA Sports and Bethesda, dismiss your game developers. Now games are made by marketers!

It would be funny if it weren’t so sad. In social networks, these scammers hang out with quite real people. They seem to even do giveaways of real money. But even if they have a large community and you suddenly want to invest in these squid NFTs so that you can resell them successfully, think about this: what will happen to this whole story if Netflix writes at least one negative press release about it? It will end before it even starts. Because “The Debt Game” is so lazy or stupidly made that they didn’t even bother to redo anything. They just copied everything – clothes, faces, concepts. 100% plagiarism.

NFT is a new world of original values. These squids do not belong here.

Hype: 0
Originality: 0
Application: 0
Community: 0
Potential: 0
Overall rating: 0/5

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