Goat is a harsh animal from the films of Carpenter or whoever filmed about casting out demons and an abbreviation that expresses the best guys in their field. If we are talking about soccer, the GOAT is Messi. In basketball, it’s Jordan (sorry, King LeBron). In architecture – Zaha Hadid. In truth, each of us was a GOAT at least once in his life.

So GOAT society made a seemingly obvious collection of goat art with references to Leonardo da Vinci, Mark Zuckerberg, Freddy Krueger, and other legendary real or fictional characters. This is very cool. Why? Because we all love cool allusions. We laugh when Tyler Durden is quoted in the new film, and The Game recalls John Lennon’s departure from the Beatles. Yes, damn it, Joyce’s most ingenious fiction of the twentieth century is entirely built on allusions.

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To have a goat dressed in a Bulls jersey with number 23 in your collection is cool. It can be put on an avatar on Twitter or sculpted with a print on a hoodie. The most unusual people can even keep it as a tattoo. So the potential of this project is excellent. You can collect a fortune and make a trendy streetwear brand, diner, or even a game.

The guys have a decent community too. Almost 10k followers on Twitter, more than 10k on Discord. This is a rare case when even the absence of a site does not bother anyone. So these 10,000 generative goats are cool.

Hype: 4
Originality: 5
Application: 5
Community: 5
Potential: 5
Overall rating: 4.8 / 5

P.S. You may ask: why the hell did you hate the basketball players with the sneakers and praise the goats who copied famous personalities? Quite a fair question. But the fact is that Larry Bird and the Converse are real and not fictional. The goat, in the image of Lara Croft or Slash from Guns’n’roses, is just a reference. The idea is fresh and original.

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