The first tweet, ex-spy, girlfriend of Musk and Leonardo Da Vinci of the blockchain era.

10. Jack Dorsey $ 2.9M

The first tweet of the creator of Twitter and, thus, the first tweet ever. On March 21, 2006, Jack Dorsey wrote “just setting up my Twitter,” and on March 6, 2021, he put it up for auction. In the first two hours of trading, the price of the tweet reached $ 1 million.

As a result, it was bought by the CEO of Bridge Oracle Hakan Estavi for 2.9 million. And Dorsey promised to send the entire dollar amount from the sale to help African countries fight Coronavirus. Great job, Jack!

Source: LinuxReviews

9. Edward Snowden $ 5.4M

Former CIA and NSA officer Edward Snowden in 2013 leaked to The Guardian and The Washington Post evidence of total surveillance by American intelligence services of residents of the United States. And since then, he has been hiding from former employers somewhere in Russia.

In 2020, the US Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in California ruled that the NSA’s wiretapping of America’s telephone conversations was illegal. This court order was used by Snowden for his NFT, which he named “Stay Free.”

The $ 5.4 million paid for the NFT went to Snowden’s Freedom of the Press Foundation. Great social awareness by Ed.

Source: Twitter

8. Beeple ‘Ocean Front’ $ 6M

Each cultural movement has its own symbol. Antiquity is Aristotle, Renaissance is Leonardo da Vinci, The Lost Generation is Ernest Hemingway, grunge is Kurt Cobain. In NFT art, this is definitely Beeple, aka Mike Winkelman. The most successful, wealthy, and famous digital art creator right now.

In March 2021, the artist took part in a charity flash mob, all the proceeds of which went to the Global Warming Foundation. The lot for 6 million dollars was bought by the founder of the Tron blockchain, Justin Sun.

Source: Instagram

7. Grimes $ 6.1M

While Elon Musk is playing with Bitcoins and Dogecoin, the mother of his child (who by the way has an unpronounceable name) – Grimes, aka Claire Boucher, makes money on NFTs.

A series of arts with cherubs, weapons, space objects, and other abstract things went off with a bang. It is worth noting that this was back in February, and she just caught the right wave. Other famous creators didn’t even get close to her numbers!

Source: Nifty Gateway

6. Beeple ‘Crossroads’ $ 6.6M

Before the US presidential election, Beeple made gifs depicting both leading contenders for a seat in the White House. After Biden’s victory, the artist removed the GIF from Joe Biden and left only the art with Donald Trump.

The co-founder of the Crypto Art Museum, Pablo Rodriguez-Fraile, made a lot of money on it. He bought the GIF for $ 67,000 and sold it for $ 6.6 million! Did you see that, Warren Buffett?

Source: Instagram

5. CryptoPunk #7804 $ 7.57M

In 2017, Brooklyn-based Larva Labs took 10,000-pixel portraits (6,039 men, 3,840 women, 88 zombies, 24 monkeys, and 9 aliens) and linked them to tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.

At first, they were handed out for free, sold for a penny, and now many of them cost a fortune. Punk number 7804 is the only one of the 9 aliens who is smoking a pipe.

Source: Protocol

4. CryptoPunk # 3100 $ 7.58M

Punk number 3100 is the only alien in the collection with a headband.

The secondary market price depends on who the character is, his accessories, and the hype around him. The smaller the group of creatures he belongs to, and the more unique his accessories, the more expensive the object.

Source: BitcoinNews

3. CryptoPunk # 7523 $ 11.7M

So far, the most expensive punk is an alien in a beanie with a gold earring and a medical mask. A typical COVID winter evening.

In general, the project of Matt Hall and John Watkinson is an indicator of how important it is to be the first and, at the same time, stylish. And also an excellent case for economics textbooks. Many young creators are now trying to replicate the success of CryptoPunks and generate content in a similar style. But they are failing. This is because Punks are pioneers, and they are limited as well. Copycats just can’t be expensive by default. Otherwise, we would buy fake Yeezys, fill the garage with them and wait for them to become more valuable than the original ones

Source: Manofmany

2. Hashmasks $ 16M

70 anonymous artists from all over the world have created 16,384 unique art pieces, each of which is a masked figure. The works of the genius Jean-Michel Basquiat were clearly imprinted on the paintings. Also, each NFT in the collection accumulates Name Change Tokens (NCT). One mask generates 10 NFTs per day. To change the name, you need to save up to 1880 NFTs. Or you can buy the ability to change the name. 

The first Heshmasks were sold for a couple of dollars. Now they cost tens and hundreds of thousands. The most valuable art is with demons and robots. It’s a shame that we heard about them so late.

Source: SomagNews

1. Beeple’ Everyday’s – The First 5000 Days’ $ 69M

This is the most essential work of the NFT era. Beeple has been making cool art for 5000 days in a row, even on his wife and children’s wedding day and birthdays! Moreover, they can not be called raw products. Always stylish, always fresh, there is always something to think about when you look at them.

For the first time, an NFT was sold through Christie’s Auction House, which, by the way, chopped off almost $ 10 million in commission! Again, Justin Sun fought for the NFT. But he lost. 5,000 days for a crazy 69 million went to Vignes Sundaresan, co-founder of the cryptocurrency ATM provider Bitaccess.

The guy did not want to hide his identity. Apparently, to show the Indians how successful their compatriots can be.

Source: Instagram

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