Top celebrities are ready to collaborate and release NFTs with you.

Have you watched the Harry Potter reunion yet? If so, then you know that Evanna Lynch broke the system. She was an absolute fan of the J.K. Rowling books and the Harry Potter films. She also dreamed of acting in movies and constantly wrote to the author of the books.

And, oh lucky chance, these letters became her ticket to the movies. She starred as Luna Lovegood and rose to fame. An impossible situation for our world, where there are ordinary people, and there are Billoncey and Tom Hardy. And these parallel universes never intersect.

Metaverse, where Facebook and other big corporations are going, is a chance for millions of people to become Lunar Lovegood. Play soccer with Neymar, try to land a jab on Mayweather, sing along with Rihanna. But without the fuss. Just by sitting on the couch or lying in the bathtub. In virtual reality glasses.

Conservatives say: this is an illusion of life. Well, yes, but going to work every day, dreaming of a trip to another continent, and not even imagining a meeting with celebrities is ordinary reality. F*ck it all!

Moreover, modern technology allows you to start all over again. That is, in physical life, you go to school, learn chemistry, sit in the library, and plan to invent a cure for cancer. But in the evenings, you go into the metaverse, become a cheeky street racer who drinks negroni with Vin Diesel, and travels to different countries.

Why are we here talking about this “Total Recall” if this is a media platform where NFTs are discussed? Because they are part of it. Michael Jordan created a company that will enable celebrities to interact with their fans. Nike bought RTFKT to sell sneakers in the metaverse. This is a new reality to be accepted.

The startup WeWay, having enlisted the support of the well-known company Yoola, is making an amazing ecosystem. Here you can, without leaving your home, meet fitness icon Salid Khan, TV diva Marie Claire Harp, musician Leo Picon, and many other famous people. Arrange with them to open a fitness club in the metaverse (they have been playing sports with virtual reality glasses for a long time), produce a hit song, or learn public speaking. Cool? Of course!

There are already over 100,000 potential investors on WeWay’s social media who are waiting for a ticket to join something revolutionary. The influencers who will be integrated into the WeWay metaverse have accumulated over 17 billion views on social media and are constantly reminded of the platform.

WeWay launches on IDO on January 11th. Early supporters will receive tokens at a discount, which they can use in the ecosystem. So if you’ve wanted to invest in something metaverse-related for a long time, now is the time. Go for it!

🚀 Launching on:

 🗓 IDO Date: January 11th

💰 Initial Marketcap: TBA


And, please, pay attention. Beware of scams. WeWay official socials here –

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice.

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